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Here's what other people have to say about B&K Systems Co.

"Not often does one work with contractors and through that experience hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.  BK Systems is an exception.  With each construction project I have started, one of my first calls has always been to BK Systems to design and install irrigation and lighting systems." 
"They are knowledgeable and reliable. I have always been given good advice, presented appropriate alternatives, and walk away from planning discussions knowing the best decision has been made to accomplish my objectives." 
"It speaks well for a contractor that during the construction process and upon completion, everything is kept clean and as least disturbed as possible.  All equipment and materials are kept orderly and it often is difficult to tell when work is being done because such care is given to not disrupt the homeowner's routine or common aesthetics."  
"Their pricing is well within reason for the finished product delivered. Anyone who wants their job done right the first time with equipment appropriate for the objective.  No over-selling, no cost overruns. Well-planned and executed projects."
                                                                          Rod A. Risley, Ph.D. 
                                                                          Executive Director
                                                                          Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
                                                                          Jackson, MS
"In my yard I have a sign that says "Yard of the Month." The Montrachet Subdivision recognizes one homeowner each month and the sign is placed in the yard for the month. The reason that I was able to receive this recognition was because of the irrigation system that you installed in my yard last December 2010."
"Thank you for this great system. My yard has stayed green all summer and looks great. Trying to water with hoses and sprinklers was hard work and just did not work too well."
"Thank you again for recommending this system and getting it installed properly. At this time the yard looks as if it were never disturbed."
"If someone is unsure about the effectiveness of your system I would be happy to speak to them about the success that I have experienced with your system and the excellent service provided."
                                                           Gus Norwood    Ridgeland, Mississippi
"Brian Noland and B&K Systems was the first contractor I've ever had who actually finished there work on time, on budget, and did what he said he was going to do."
"Erica and I really enjoyed working with him. He explained stuff on an easy to understand level. He didn't  intimidate me like another irrigation contractor tried to do."  
"There's absolutely no way I would ever dream of picking anyone to take care of my irrigation and landscape lighting projects."
                                                            Mike Lorence      Brandon, Mississippi

"WOW!! What can I say about B&K Systems they are Exceptional!!!"

"Brian went above and beyond the call of duty for my wife and I. We recently moved and our new home had a sprinkler system installed by B&K Systems and Brian walked me through each step to get the system operational again. He did this after normal business hours! WOW, now that's Customer Service!!!"

"I would highly recommend anyone who has irrigation drainage needs etc. to call B&K Systems Today!!"

"Brian remembered details about this system that was installed several years ago and he even remembered the previous owner who he had completed the original installation for!!!"

"Companies like this are a rare find and Brian is AWESOME to work with!!!"

                                                          John Anderson      Brandon, Mississippi

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