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Post Work Assesment Survey

Your Honest Feedback is very important! Complete the following online Post Work Assessment Survey after our products and services are rendered. The form answers the question "Did we exceed your expectations?"We use your feedback to improve the services we offer our clients.
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Please rate our crew chief in these areas by selecting the appropriate answer; only rate the B&K Systems Representative. Do not consider other workers in this evaluation.
The Crew Chief responded to my request in a timely manner:  *required
The Crew Chief properly introduced and identified himself and the entire crew:  *required
The Crew Chief reviewed and verified the scope of work before any work started:  *required
The Crew Chief educated me on the equipment service/installed after the work was completed:  *required
The Crew Chief was very attentive to my needs and made me feel important as a client:  *required
The work crew succeeded at meeting my top three priorities I mentioned before work began:  *required
I would enthusiastically recommend B&K Systems to my peers, friends, and associates:  *required
I feel like I got a really great value for the money I invested:  *required
The Top Three Things B&K can do in the future to exceed my expectations are:
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